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Monarch Gardens - Down Home Meals
Down Home Meals

Monarch Gardens has the perfect dinner solution for you and your family. No longer worry about what is for dinner or keeping the cupboards stocked with food, instead use Monarch Gardens convenient Down Home Meals program. Simply pick a couple meals from our menu below and we will take care of all the prep work. All you have to do is warm the food up in your microwave or oven. In minutes you can have a home cooked meal ready for your family to enjoy. Call us today to order some incredibly tasty and relatively inexpensive meals.

  • six meals for two only $60.00
  • six meals for four only $115.00
  • six meals for six only $170.00
*prices do not include tax
February Menu

Hopefully spring is just around the corner. We can look forward to warmer weather, spring flowers and more outside activities. If your busy spring schedule takes you away from the kitchen, now is the time to call MONARCH GARDENS to order your DOWN HOME MEALS. You will have 6 meals for two, cooked packaged in a microwaveable container ready for you to re-heat and enjoy Cost .... only $60.00. No planning shopping, chopping, cooking for you, just choosing your selections and enjoying home made meals. SOMETHING NEW!!!! We now offer the option of SUPER SIZING YOUR MEALS. For only $2.50 a meal you are now able to make your meal larger portions for the more hungry appetite. Call MONARCH GARDENS AT 920 738-6668 order your meals and enjoy.

Entrees' (choose twelve)
Side Dishes (choose four)
  • Parmesan ranch green beans
  • Tuna pasta salad
  • Calico corn
  • Cherry pie
  • Cherry crisp
  • Tater tot casserole
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Green beans with onions and ham

Monarch Gardens reserves the right to make substitutions as supply and demand requires.